[EM] [CES #8791] Upper-Bucklin naming (was: Median systems, branding....)

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 13:36:24 PDT 2013

I got votes from Bruce Gilson (BRG). New running tally. Current voting
tallies in parentheses, ordered JQ/AL/RB/AJ/DSH/BG/BRG.

Instant Runoff Approval Voting: (B/A/F/C/F/F/C) Median C.

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: (A/B-/B/C/C/F/A) Median B-; votes
above B, 2.

*Majority Approval Voting*: (A/?/C/A/A/D/B) Median: B, votes above: 3.

Majority Support Voting: (B/?/C/A/C/D/B) Median C

Cumulative Approval Voting: (A/?/B/?/D/A/F) Median D

Additive Approval Voting: (B/?/B/?/B/E/B) Median: B, votes above: 0

Cumulative Support Voting: (A/?/B/?/F/C/F) Median ?

We are still missing votes from Abd and others, but it's pretty clear that
MAV is going to win. So from now on, unless there's an upset, I'll be
calling this system MAV with no "¿?". Thanks to everyone who voted, and
sorry for being a bit of a pest about it.

Abd: I am interested in seeking consensus, but as the system designer I
personally lean strongly in favor of using letter grades (ABCDF) with some
kind of descriptive labels involving "support" or "approval". If you have
another proposal, please make it. If it's just your preferences versus mine
I'll listen to your arguments but I may call designer's privilege. But if
you find someone else to take your side, I'll probably cede the point.
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