[EM] [CES #8791] Upper-Bucklin naming (was: Median systems, branding....)

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 12:42:25 PDT 2013

New running tally, including Andy Jennings's latest votes (which went out
on only one of the lists). Current voting tallies in parentheses, ordered
JQ/AL/RB/AJ/DSH/BG/BRG. Options have been placed in descending order, which
I expect to be stable from here on.

Abd: please vote on MAV, MSV, CAV, AAV, and CSV.

*Majority Approval Voting*: (A/?/C/A/A/D/B) Median: B, votes above: 3.

Additive Approval Voting: (B/?/B/C/B/E/B) Median: B, votes above: 0

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: (A/B-/B/C/C/F/A) Median B-; votes
above B, 2.

Cumulative Approval Voting: (A/?/B/C/D/A/F) Median C; votes above: 3
Majority Support Voting: (B/?/C/A/C/D/B) Median C; votes above: 3

Instant Runoff Approval Voting: (B/A/F/C/F/F/C) Median C; votes above: 2
Cumulative Support Voting: (A/?/B/C/F/C/F) Median C; votes above: 2

I am happy with how this went. There are still details we haven't come to
consensus on — such as the numbers of and labels for rating categories —
but I am comfortable with leaving those unspecified, and allowing each
advocate to specify them if they want to.

Abd: I understand that you favor the "runoff" terminology. However, the
IRAV proposal lost convincingly. If you have any further issues to discuss,
please pose them (along with your votes as requested above).

I would happily have submitted to the majority here on even a name I didn't
personally like. I hope that, at least on these lists, we can begin to come
together to use MAV as the representative Bucklin proposal, and stop
pushing our own individual variants like "GMJ" or "ER-Bucklin".

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