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2013/6/17 Benjamin Grant <benn at 4efix.com>

> You just scared me, asking me how I vote, I don’t feel qualified to have
> an opinion, I haven’t even focused on the conversation enough to know the
> precise system you are talking about, so I was mostly just trying to stay
> out of the way and let me elders do their business.  J

The point of this vote is to get the opinions of people who aren't
neck-deep in the technical details. So you're absolutely qualified to vote.

> ****
> ** **
> If for some reason I can’t explain you really want my opinion on this,
> then I would unfortunately have to ask two questions that were probably
> answered earlier when I was paying attention to other things:****
> ** **
> How does the unnamed system work, and what are the naming choices again?
Here's the description of the unnamed system as Abd gave it:

Count the votes at 1st Choice for each candidate. If a single candidate has
a majority, this canditate wins. If not, add in lower choices, one at a
time, until a candidate or candidates gains a majority. If two or more
candidates reach a majority at a stage, then whichever candidate has the
most votes above that stage wins. If this is 1st Choice, or if all the
choices have been amalgamated, and no candidate has a majority, then the
candidate with the most votes wins.

The naming choices with significant support are (current voting tallies in
parentheses, ordered JQ/AL/RB/AJ)
Instant Runoff Approval Voting: (B/A/F/C)
Descending Approval Threshold Voting: (A/B-/B/C)
Majority Approval Voting: (A/?/C/A)
Majority Support Voting: (B/?/C/A)
Cumulative Approval Voting: (A/?/B/?)
Cumulative Support Voting: (A/?/B/?)

Assuming question marks as F's, DAT is currently leading, but I think the
last two are promising.

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