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You just scared me, asking me how I vote, I don't feel qualified to have an
opinion, I haven't even focused on the conversation enough to know the
precise system you are talking about, so I was mostly just trying to stay
out of the way and let me elders do their business.  :)


If for some reason I can't explain you really want my opinion on this, then
I would unfortunately have to ask two questions that were probably answered
earlier when I was paying attention to other things:


How does the unnamed system work, and what are the naming choices again?


But again, please know that I mostly am just trying to stay out of
everyone's way while I am trying to get up to speed, which I am guessing for
me will be long and slow. ;)


-Benn Grant

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2013/6/17 Benjamin Grant <benn at 4efix.com <mailto:benn at 4efix.com> >

A humorous (but utterly non-serious) thought just occurred to me:


What voting method are you guys going to use to elect a name for this new


The system itself, of course.


So what do you vote? It's fine if you leave out any vote under C. And if you
don't fully understand the system, all the better, because in that respect
you're more like the average voter than I am.



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