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Here's the description of the unnamed system as Abd gave it:


Count the votes at 1st Choice for each candidate. If a single candidate has
a majority, this canditate wins. If not, add in lower choices, one at a
time, until a candidate or candidates gains a majority. If two or more
candidates reach a majority at a stage, then whichever candidate has the
most votes above that stage wins. If this is 1st Choice, or if all the
choices have been amalgamated, and no candidate has a majority, then the
candidate with the most votes wins.


The naming choices with significant support are (current voting tallies in
parentheses, ordered JQ/AL/RB/AJ) 

Instant Runoff Approval Voting: (B/A/F/C)

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: (A/B-/B/C)

Majority Approval Voting: (A/?/C/A)

Majority Support Voting: (B/?/C/A)

Cumulative Approval Voting: (A/?/B/?)

Cumulative Support Voting: (A/?/B/?)


Assuming question marks as F's, DAT is currently leading, but I think the
last two are promising.




Well, that sounds a lot like the system we have be talking about in the
other thread.  DAT sounds confusing to me in this context. One of the
Cumulatives makes the most sense instinctually to me as (if I understand
this correctly) we keep adding in more ranks until we get enough to answer
the question.  IRAV makes it seem like a flavor of IRV, which in my full
lack of experience seems wrong (Buckley seems unlike IRV), so I guess I
would vote something like this:


Instant Runoff Approval Voting: F

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: F

Majority Approval Voting: D

Majority Support Voting: D

Cumulative Approval Voting: A

Cumulative Support Voting: C


Unless I have to rank them in order and not use the same rank twice, in
which case I would do:


Cumulative Approval Voting: 1st

Cumulative Support Voting: 2nd

Majority Support Voting: 3rd

Majority Approval Voting: 4th

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: 5th

Instant Runoff Approval Voting: 6th


And just for giggles, here's my ScoreVoting (0-100) ballot:


Cumulative Approval Voting: 100

Cumulative Support Voting: 80

Majority Support Voting: 60

Majority Approval Voting: 50

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: 35

Instant Runoff Approval Voting: 0


I tried to answer all the above as sincerely and non-strategically as


Hope this helps.  If any of the above is dumb, chuck it, please. ;)


-Benn Grant

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