[EM] [CES #8791] Upper-Bucklin naming (was: Median systems, branding....)

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 12:03:52 PDT 2013

New running tally. Current voting tallies in parentheses, ordered
JQ/AL/RB/AJ/DSH/BG. Note the new option for Additive Approval Voting, which
could be a winner if Abd, Andy, and Ben like it enough. Current contenders
for best are in bold.

Instant Runoff Approval Voting: (B/A/F/C/F/F) Median C/F.

Descending Approval Threshold Voting: (A/B-/B/C/C/F) Median B-/C.

*Majority Approval Voting*: (A/?/C/A/A/D) Median A/C

Majority Support Voting: (B/?/C/A/C/D) Median C

Cumulative Approval Voting: (A/?/B/?/D/A) Median B/D

*Additive Approval Voting*: (B/?/B/?/B/?) Median B/?

Cumulative Support Voting: (A/?/B/?/F/C) Median C/?

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