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> Hi all!  I'm investigating election methods as part of a general interest
> in political things (I've run for Congress, developed economic policies,
> and am seriously considering opening an elections consulting firm due to
> recent failures in election security).  I wanted to ask a few questions
> here.
> The Schulze method elects from the Schwartz set using a beatpath
> algorithm.  The usual explanation is incredibly complex, and complexity is
> undesirable but often necessary.  Would this method be equivalent?
>    1. Eliminate all candidates not in the Schwartz set.
>    2. If there is one candidate left, elect that candidate.
>    3. Exclude the pairwise race with the smallest win margin.
>    4. Repeat.
> Tideman's Alternative Schwartz is this, except #3 eliminates the candidate
> with the fewest first-rank votes.  I am leaning toward Tideman's
> Alternative Schwartz or Smith for their simplicity and resistance to
> tactical voting and nomination.
> Thanks.
> —John
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