[EM] U/P voting: new name for simple 3-level method.

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Wed Sep 7 10:59:05 PDT 2016

The main advantage of U/P voting over other systems like MJ or MCA is
simplicity of description. So I'm going to try to describe it as simply as

To vote, you rate each person running as "preferred", "acceptable", or
"unacceptable". You can rate any number at each level.

If more than half of voters rate a person "unacceptable", that person can't
win, unless the same is true of all the people running. Of those remaining,
the winner is the one rated "preferred" by the most voters.

If you leave all three ratings blank for a candidate, that usually means
the same as rating them "acceptable". There are two exceptions. First, if
you made a mark to rate some candidates "acceptable", then the ones you
didn't make any mark for are counted as "unacceptable". And second, if the
two most-preferred candidates both can't win, because more than half of
voters marked them "unacceptable", then candidates with no mark count as
"unacceptable". That way, you don't end up letting a weak candidate win by

2016-09-06 13:17 GMT-04:00 Jameson Quinn <jameson.quinn at gmail.com>:

> I've recently posted a few messages discussing a simple 3-level graded
> Bucklin method:
> Ballot: For each candidate, you may rate them “preferred”, “acceptable”,
> or “unacceptable”. Any candidate, including an incumbent, who had gotten
> over 50% "unacceptable" in the prior election would have a note to that
> effect next to their name on the ballot. (In prior messages, I'd suggested
> not allowing them on the ballot. I now think that allowing them on, but
> with a note, would be better.)
> Counting: For the current eIection, if some but not all candidates have a
> majority (50%+1) of “unacceptable” votes, then they are disqualified. The
> winner is the non-disqualified candidate with the most approvals.
> My new name for the above system is U/P voting. It stands for
> "unacceptable/preferred", and can be pronounced "up voting" for quick
> discussion; or "you pee voting" if necessary to avoid confusion.
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