[EM] U/P voting: new name for simple 3-level method.

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 10:17:45 PDT 2016

I've recently posted a few messages discussing a simple 3-level graded
Bucklin method:

Ballot: For each candidate, you may rate them “preferred”, “acceptable”, or
“unacceptable”. Any candidate, including an incumbent, who had gotten over
50% "unacceptable" in the prior election would have a note to that effect
next to their name on the ballot. (In prior messages, I'd suggested not
allowing them on the ballot. I now think that allowing them on, but with a
note, would be better.)

Counting: For the current eIection, if some but not all candidates have a
majority (50%+1) of “unacceptable” votes, then they are disqualified. The
winner is the non-disqualified candidate with the most approvals.

My new name for the above system is U/P voting. It stands for
"unacceptable/preferred", and can be pronounced "up voting" for quick
discussion; or "you pee voting" if necessary to avoid confusion.
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