[EM] MAM vs MJ. Approval vs MJ.

Janet Robinson email9648742 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 16:15:18 PDT 2016

MAM vs MJ:

If you agree that you prefer MAM to Plain Bucklin (no equal-ranking or skipping), and if you prefer Plain Bucklin to MJ, then you prefer MAM to MJ, because these preferences are probably transitive.

The choice between MAM & Plain Bucklin isn't obvious. Neither dominates the other.

There are various consideration by which one is better than the other.

Based on those considerations, I'd prefer MAM. ...though both are very good, and equally good in different ways.

Because you agree with me on that, there's no need to take your time or mine to explain that preference.

So it's just a matter of Plain Bucklin vs MJ.

Plain Bucklin passes MMC.  MJ fails MMC.

Yes, a mutual majority could agree and contrive group strategy to cover for and avoid that failure.  ...not quite the same as passing  MMC.

But even worse, MJ's paucity of rating-positions prevents use of that strategy.

Both methods fail the same way when they fail.

MJ doesn't offer anything to make it better than Plain Bucklin.

Plain Bucklin dominates MJ.

So, if your preferences are transitive, you prefer MAM to MJ.

Approval vs MAM:

Both fail MMC. And, if you aren't  majority-favored, they both fail you in the same way when they fail you.

A voter is majority-favored if a majority prefer at least some of hir top-set to everyone else.

MJ is just expensive Approval.

Michael Ossipoff

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