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A word from someone who is more grounded in "real life"...
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Mr. Wetzell, tell Mr. Ossipuff and the list (1) to look at the article
and Micronumerosity<http://econlog.econlib.org/archives/2005/09/multicollineari.html>
** to see the word in action; and (2) "micronumerosity" is an
*English*word, and English is a language chock full of words formed
from many other
languages, including Greek and Latin.
  - Ken Bearman

  * ... which I found merely by Googling "micronumerosity".  As you also
wrote, "[I]s EM the true standard for real life or is it biased by virtue
of how its members are oft removed from the world of real life activism?"
... and dictionaries.

On 1/21/2012 2:39 PM, David L Wetzell wrote:

 Dave says:
> It's called the problem of micronumerosity.
> MO:Nonsense. That isn't a descriptive name. No doubt anything is called by
> different names by
> different people. The problem referred to is best known, well known, as
> the spoiler problem, which is also an incomparably better descriptive (if
> less pretentious) term. Maybe IRV's spoiler problem is called "the problem
> of micronumerosity" by the same people (or person?) who use your other
> pretentiously pseudoscientific language.

 dlw:  Micronumerosity is not nonsense.  it may be better known as the "Law
of Small Numbers<https://www.google.com/search?aq=f&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=%22the+law+of+small+numbers%22>",
which says people come to decisions based on too small of a sample.  The
"negative" effects of the possibility of a non-CW winner in an IRV-ish
election can and should be observed on the basis of many elections,not

> The use of "micronumerosity" reveals an ignorance of word-origin: The
> first part of it is Greek, and the last part of it is Latin.

 Like there was never any historic influence between the Greeks and Rome?
 They both were affected by the cultural imports of
his travels abroad.   And the word is not my own...
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