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Hi Kevin--

You wrote:

In my simulations MJ and Bucklinesque methods usually show similar strategy patterns to Approval. (Though so
does Range.)


Yes. And so there's no justification for MJ's greater elaborateness, if it doesn't get get rid of strategies
possessed by much simpler methods. 

The conditional methods, offerable as voting-options in Approval election, do much to alleviate the
problem of help for a lower choice hurting your favorite.

You wrote:
If you go lower in the rankings (e.g. consider safety of 2nd preference from the specified 3rd preference) I think
the numbers just get more and more unclear as to whether you stand to gain anything for the risk you definitely


Yes, things get more doubtful and uncertain lower in a ranking.

For one thing, in a 3-slot method, if you're a progressive, then you might feel safe in the belief that no progressive will
middle-rate a Republican, though many might (at first) middle-rate one or more Democrats. You might also feel safe in assuming
that Democrat top-raters won't middle rate Republicans. They consider the Republicans to the main thing they need to defeat.

(Sure, the Democrat and Republican candidates are really so policy-identical that one would expect a top-rater of one to like
the other too, but I feel that most or all Democrat voters don't really like the Democrat policies best. I believe that most or
all Democrat voters are really progressives who feel that they need to strategically give it to the Democrats)

Knowing those things in a 3-slot election gives some sureness to the protection and enforcement of majority rule.

In ABucklin, with unlimited rank positions, at lower rank positions, you can't really expect to guess reliably at what
point a group of voters will refuse to rank less-liked candidates, and so you don't have the assurances that
you'd have in a 3-slot method. Not unless there is some explicit organizing for co-operation among factions.

For that reason, I said earlier that I'd only advocate AOCBucklin if AERLO is available. 

So, now that I won't propose AERLO, then I probably won't propose AOCBucklin (or ABucklin or Bucklin either, of course) either.

Mike Ossipoff

By the way, I agree that AERLO methods probably violate FBC. The effects are too unpredictable. 		 	   		  
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