[EM] i don't get why mixed member rules use FPTP???

David L Wetzell wetzelld at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 18:41:29 PST 2012

It seems like the awesomeness of using PR for part of the seats somehow
makes up for the lousiness of FPTP for the rest of the seats.

But why not use IRV+ for the rest?  I mean it's not unlike FPTP in how it
tends to favor bigger parties.  According to George
still lets there popular parties get a disproportionately large portion of
the seats, but only when they're truly popular.

So why couldn't Germany replace FPTP for its single-member seats with IRV?

I got on this rant because I learned of the DPR
<http://www.dprvoting.org/DPR_in_practice.htm>approach to foster
multi-party system in the UK.

I don't see any reason why 4-seat super districts that use 3-seat LR Hare
and IRV+ wouldn't suffice?
Maybe the use of PR might get more folks excited about the electoral reform
this time...
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