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I'd said:

> But I'd told how easily a strategic faction can take advantage of and beat
> a sincere-voting faction.

Not to my satisfaction.


Of course that won't do. 

If you want to claim that my statements referred to were incorrect,
then you need to tell why you think so. 

I clearly told how, in MJ, a strategizing faction can take advantage of a sincere faction. Which
part of that description do you disagree with? Be specific.

I'd said:

> Thanks, Kristofer, for confirming my conjecture: MJ strategy is like RV
> strategy.
> This is for sure: In a u/a election, MJ's strategy is the same as that of
> RV: Max-rate the acceptables and
> min-rate the unacceptables.

This is not true. If sending a message about the relative value within
either group is worth more than a thousand times less than winning the
election, the rational strategy is to use the top two and the bottom two


Incorrect. In a u/a election, the all-important thing is ensuring that no
unacceptable candidate wins.

> I conjecture that, in a non-u/a, 0-info election, MJ's strategy is
> likewise identical to that of RV: Max-rate the
> above-mean candidates and min-rate the below-mean candidates.

As above.


Strategy whose purpose is the the outcome of the current election is called "instrumental strategy".

It's usually or always what we're referring to when we speak of a method's voting strategy.

I was talking about instrumental strategy. That can be, and often is, more important than
sending a message. But sure, if what you want is to send a message about a merit-difference among the 
candidates for whom you'd vote for in instrumental Approval voting, then of course you might not do
instrumental voting.

Sometimes, in mock elections, in rating the candidates,
I have slightly differed from instrumental voting in order to express a difference.

But, above, I was talking about instrumental strategy. Maybe you wouldn't do instrumental
strategy. One thing for certain is that anyone who considers it a u/a election will do 
instrumental strategy.

Mike Ossipoff

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