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You said:

You argue we should only use paper ballots to make your
hand-counting easier, to which I would say we should only use electronic
ballots that won't end up in a landfill or be changed by the primary
hand-counter before you get to "verify" them.


How is the primary handcounter going to steal or change ballots when he is
observed by
a large array of video-cameras, and by a close-up set of observers from all
parts of
the political spectrum. (If you want this to have any legitimacy, don't
take it upon yourself to
decide which parties are the "major parties". )

But the ditching, in a computer, of a vote whose only existence involves
the states of transistor-switches
in that computer, or maybe magnetic polarities in a hard-drive--preventing
that kind of count-fraud
would be considerably more difficult.

I repeat that I don't oppose machine-counting if it can be made as secure
as handcounting can be.

Mike Ossipoff

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