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Paul says:

Said Mike Ossipoff wearing a clown suit.


Paul is missing the point of the reference to the movie. The soldier
dressed in the clown-suit was
most flagrantly violating the rules of uniform.  Michael Caine passed him
by, and concentrated on a
soldier who merely didn't have a collar-stay.

If I really must explain the relevance of that scene, then I will:

By focusing on me, Jameson was reminiscent of Caine, when Caine ignored the
clown and focused
on the soldier who wasn't using a collar-stay.

Dude Paul says:

Chill, dude. When you put people’s names in your subject line you’re making
it personal.


Dude: Names have always often been in subject-lines at EM, recently, and

And also, dude, if you don't have something to say about the topic, then
might it not be better
if you didn't post? Must you send postings that are entirely and only about
a list-member?

Paul  continued:

ESPECIALLY when you don’t ever answer their legitimate questions about your


I wasn't kidding when I said that your meaning wasn't clear. I genuinely
didn't know what
you were talking about.

I make a point of answering all questions about and criticisms of what I
say in my posts.

If there is something that I haven't answered, then tell me what it is. But
be _specific_.

You continued:

I left this list for about 5 years because it had devolved into personal
agendas instead of legitimate discussions. I’m almost sorry I re-joined
‘cause all you do in answers to my questions is ask me to re-state them
over and over until they match your non-answers.


...or until I can determine what you're trying to say.

Mike Ossipoff
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