[EM] Jameson: Posting about a person instead of about the topic

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 15:35:08 PDT 2012


Are you aware your post (the one that I'm replying to) is only about an
individual, and
not at all about the topic.

That's something that we don't need at a discussion forum.

In the future, don't post unless you're saying something about the topic of

You said:

If you have to make it personal, please send it personally.


Nonsense. I was merely suggesting that Robert keep his promise. He,
himself, had
(repeatedly) introduced the topic regarding whether or not he was going to
read my
posts. It was his topic, not mine.I didn't introduce that topic. I merely
asked him if he could do as he said he would.

And, contrary to what you seem to believe, the quality of discussion here
_is_ relevant here.
You seem to feel a need to belabor the matter, and so I'll answer that
Robert tends to post at
a decorum and manners level that's far below that of everyone else here.
Namecalling, angry noises
and expletives don't constitute legitimate argument. When they are used as
a substitute for argument,
I will mention that it doesn't constiitute an answer to or argument against
what I'd said. Sorry if that bothers you.

In the Beatles movie, _How I Won The War_, there's a scene in the desert in
which the soldiers are lined up for inspection.
The officer played by Michael Caine walked right past one who was dressed
in a blue-dyed clown-suit, and stopped by the
next soldier, and said "You're missing a collar-stay. You're out of
uniform!"  :-)

You continue:

This list is
for ideas


Is that why your post is entirely about another list-member, instead of
about the topic. Remember
the topic?

You continued:

, not grudge matches, please. That goes for both of you, of


Wrong. See above.

You continued:

 and I'll try to live up to it myself


Try to do so better than you do in the post that I'm replying to.

When your postings are entirely about a list-member, and not at all about
EM's topic,
that's called being "off-topic".

It isn't just that your judgement is silly. It's also that it is entirely

Let's find out if you can stay on topic.

Mike Ossipoff
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