[EM] The structuring of power and the composition of norms by communicative assent!

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Tue Jan 27 18:05:37 PST 2009

Dave Ketchum wrote:

>> Yes and no.  What we're discussing is described in the original post,
>> at the top of the thread.  The terms are defined there.  Is anything
>> unclear there?

> When? Anyway:

Sorry?  When was it posted?  Jan 6:


> Proxy is an existing word with an idea - a meaning.
> I see that Abd has a new word, DP, for an idea that is similar enough that 
> a slightly modified label makes distinguishing the ideas doable.
> You have a new, DIFFERENT, idea but chose to use an existing word to label 
> this - NONproductive!

Well, you haven't read the original post.  The word 'proxy' occurs
only where I cite Abd.  Please read it, and then share your critique.

Michael Allan

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