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> Hi,
> --- En date de?: Dim 14.12.08, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax <abd at lomaxdesign.com> a ?crit?:
>> > >> That's not very generous. I can think of
>> a couple of defenses. One would
>> > >> be to point out that it is necessitated by
>> the other criteria that IRV
>> > >> satisfies. All things being equal, I consider
>> LNHarm more desirable than
>> > >> monotonicity, for instance.

Abd ul,

That is about the strangest position I've seen you take on any subject
because it is equivalent to saying that it is more important for a
voting method not to hurt my lower choice candidates than my first
choice candidates.

I.e. Monotonicity is, briefly stated, "first no harm".

So you are saying that you don't want a voter's second choice to hurt
the voter's first choice, but you don't mind if the voter's first
choice hurts the voter's first choice.

I find that position to be very bizarre.


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