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VERY COOL Brian.  You and fsimmons at pcc.edu should definitely
collaborate to write up a full explanation of the Yee charts, perhaps
publish it in an academic journal and also, for my sake and others
(because I don't blindly trust anything - it's not in my nature)
please divulge the programs and formulas you use to create these
charts so that people can transparently evaluate them.

Your explanation could include a brief summary or at least links to
concise description of each method for casting and counting votes, as
well as the excellent description recently made by fsimmons at pcc.edu.

Bravo!  This would be very useful to evaluating election methods (in
addition to the method that Warren is developing).

Please continue and publish a group of pages on the Net that
completely describe it. I'm sure that Abd ul would link to it from the
Wikipedia if you did.  Good approach.  I like the way you group all
the charts for one voting method on the same page.


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> I did some small multiples runs. They kinda look good
> http://bolson.org/voting/sim_one_seat/20081202/
> Brian Olson
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