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Chris Benham chrisjbenham at optusnet.com.au
Tue Mar 13 21:04:05 PDT 2007

Michael Ossipoff wrote:

>Is it [SF] the version of FBC that is being used in San Francisco?

"Sincere Favourite" (SF) is Kevin Venzke's more 'technical', 
easier-to-test-for version of the
Favourite Betrayal Criterion (FBC).

>       *Sincere Favorite*.
> /Suppose a subset of the ballots, all identical, rank every candidate 
> in S (where S contains at least two candidates) equal to each other, 
> and above every other candidate. Then, arbitrarily lowering some 
> candidate X from S on these ballots must not increase the probability 
> that the winner comes from S./
> A simpler way to word this would be: /You should never be able to help 
> your favorites by lowering one of them./
> The specific purpose behind this criterion is to ensure that voters 
> need not worry that by listing multiple favorite candidates, they 
> won't thereby cause one of those candidates to lose the election. If 
> voters lack this confidence, they may choose to simply not rank the 
> candidates they believe aren't likely to win, in order to keep them 
> "out of the way" of candidates who might be able to win.

I like this version, but it is much less well known than FBC and is 
almost the same thing, so I sometimes refer to "FBC/SF".

Chris Benham

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