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 > >Nope! I wrote that __only where a state "refuses to publish the data
 > needed to calculate the pairwise matrix"__ the ballots from this state
 > should be interpreted as FPP ballots.
 > --true. And in the event the data IS available for pairwise, I
 > presume you intend to use pairwise, i.e. not IRV (which ignores
 > pairwise data), but Schulze. Either way, you overrule IRV, either
 > with the Schulze winner, or the plurality winner. I am simply
 > following what you say and explaining its consequence - that you tell
 > IRV-using states to go to hell.
 > They won't like that.
 I think that *ALL* NPV winner systems do this. You need to decide on
 a way to consolidate the votes from all the States. Under the current
 NPV system, plurality is assumed. It is not even entirely clear that
 States that don't use plurality would even be counted.
 Also, even the improvements to the current NPV system suggested 
 on the RV list assumes that approval will be the method to consolidate
 the votes.
 Ultimately, for NPV to work, you must pick a method to consolidate the
 votes and a mapping system for mapping ballots (or results) from other
 voting methods to the selected voting system.
 Approval is not automatically better than condorcet as the
 consolidating method. Its simplicity gives it a boost.
 Perhaps (if we had a time machine and ... erm access to the relevant
 politicians), we could have suggested that the NPV Compact actually
 explicitally state that that is what they are doing. The Compact
 States would have some method for selecting what voting method they
 want to use and then all results from all States would be mapped to
 that voting method as accurately as possible.
 Interesting site
 "what if anyone could modify the laws"
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