[EM] Bias-Free, contd.

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 17 05:50:32 PST 2007

Warren "proved" that Bias-Free couldn't be, and then admitted that he'd made 
an error. He'd made a fool of himself, just as he did when he kept saying 
that BF had to be "bogus" because the formula didn't look right toi him, and 
because he couldn't derive it, even though the derivation had been clearly 
outlined for him.

Abd says that Warren is a professor, but that's very unlikely. A professor 
wouldn't want to make a fool of himself like that on the Internet, and 
wouldn't have such a problem with that derivation. On the Internet anyone 
can claim to be anything, such as a professor.

Warren hasn't posted a brief and concise statement of the goal of his 
derivation of his method, and a brief and concise outline of the derivation. 
Just pages of ramble. If he can't clearly and concisely say what he's doing, 
he should consider that maybe he doesn't know.

Mike Ossipoff

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