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In Jonathan's example below I would expect the lone voter to be considered an outlier.  Most, if not all, of the other voters would consider his idea to be the most extreme.  I would expect the two large factions to move together to the North side of the room, leaving Solomon alone on the South side.  The lone extremest would be a member of the first pair to be eliminated.
If factions A and B are located at 11 O'clock and 1 O'clock, repectively, I would expect that faction C (for cut) to be located somewhere around 6 O'clock.
In the case of ballots, the ballots would mostly be of the types A, AB, BA, and B, with perhaps a few scattered sicko AC's and BC's .  The lone voter would have a ballot of C, CA, or CB.  In any case the lone voter would be a member of the first pair to be eliminated.
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 13:31:08 -0800
From: Jonathan Lundell jlundell at pobox.com

At 11:37 AM -0800 1/6/07, Simmons, Forest wrote:
>In a small group the voters are asked to form clusters around their
>favorite candidates.  After five minutes of shuffling around
>positions are frozen.
>The two voters separated by the greatest distance are required to
>sit down.  This step is repeated until only one faction has any
>voters left standing.


100 voters on the left say give the baby to Mother A.
100 voters on the right say give the baby to Mother B.
1 voter in the middle, thoe compromiser, says cut the baby in half
and give half to each mother.
/Jonathan Lundell.

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