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On 9/23/05, MIKE OSSIPOFF <nkklrp at hotmail.com> wrote:

In a particular ranking, if a candidate has N candidate ranked over him/her,
> then s/he receives a vote from that ranking in the (N+1)th round.

I haven't been following this line of threads terribly closely, so I just
want to be clear that I understand. The way I think about Bucklin is an
approval election where the approval cutoff bar on everyone's ballot keeps
getting lowered until we have a majority approved winner. It seems like
there are three choices for the "speed" of the lowering of the cutoff in

1) Move down one slot on the ballot each round of the election, skipping
empty slots
2) Move down one slot on the ballot each round of the election, NOT skipping
empty slots
3) Move down one candidate each round of the election (cutoff is just below
that candidate, whatever rank they are at)

I have no emotional attachment to any of these (although the second one is
especially easy to explain, I think). I have no trouble believing the third
is the best. I'd just like a quick explanation as to what the third approach
offers that the others do not.

At such time as one or more candidates have a vote-total greater than the
> number of voters,

Is this not supposed to be number of voters/2, plus 1? If not, why? It seems
like a first-place majority candidate should win.
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