[EM] Better-worded definition of ERBucklin(whole)

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Fri Sep 23 20:28:32 PDT 2005


Voters rank as many candidates as they want to in order of preference. Equal 
ranking and truncation are permitted.

There are a series of vote-giving rounds. In each round, every ranking gives 
one whole vote (each) to one or more candidates as described in the next 
paragraph. The rounds continue till the count ends.

In a particular ranking, if a candidate has N candidate ranked over him/her, 
then s/he receives a vote from that ranking in the (N+1)th round.

At such time as one or more candidates have a vote-total greater than the 
number of voters, or all the rankinigs have given a vote to all their 
candidates, whichever happens first, the count ends and the winner is the 
candidate who has the most votes.

[end of ERBucklin(whole) definition]

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