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That was my understanding of Bucklin. I'm not sure exactly what "empty
slots" means in this context.
I don't thank of it as "rounds", by the way. I just say "assign for each
alternative the best rank for which a majority (= the integer part of
#voters/2 + 1) and order the alternatives by rank. If there is a tie (more
than one alternative has majority support at rank r) the one with the
highest number of votes for ranks 1,2,...r is chosen. If there is still a
tie ....
and there there are some options. In this case a "pure" approach might be to
use the ballots not involved in the tie to use the same process with rank
r+1 defined as 1st, r+2 as 2nd, etc. but only for the tied alternatives.
Tied alternatives at the best rank is a very fast and easy way to find the
Smith set.


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At such time as one or more candidates have a vote-total greater than the
number of voters, 

Is this not supposed to be number of voters/2, plus 1?  If not, why?  It
seems like a first-place majority candidate should win.

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