[EM] thoughts on the pairwise matrix

Paul Kislanko kislanko at airmail.net
Mon Nov 28 16:41:34 PST 2005

> Rob Brown:

> Paul Kislanko <kislanko <at> airmail.net> writes:
> > That's my reason to distrust them. What is "beuatiful" about 
> > getting my vote wrong?
> You have not supported your argument that they "get your vote wrong". 
>  They selectively throw away data, yes.  Tell me an election method 
> that converts many, many ballots into a single winner that doesn't 
> throw away data along the way.

I don't have to support my argument, since I am asking for those who claim
Condorcet methods are "better" to support the claim that those methods are
"like" Nx(N-1)/2 different elections. They are not, unless I get to make
Nx(N-1)/2 choices, which I don't get to do.

The burden of proof is not upon me. I distrust all Condorcet methods, unless
and until someone has a good reason to like one of them other than "I like
it, so you should, too!"

> You continue to ignore this point.  Converting lots of data into a 
> tiny amount of data means discarding data, any way you slice it.

No, I ignore nothing. I only continue to be attacked for pointing out that
the emporor is naked.

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