[EM] weigh in on the method poll!

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Thu Jun 16 21:35:34 PDT 2005

At 09:15 PM 6/16/2005, Dave Ketchum wrote:
>THANK YOU - my first experience with this type of editing.
>EASY to use.

Wiki, from Wiki-Wiki: "quick" or "informal" in Hawaiian

>I assume politeness counts BIG - anyone can take a page out and edit it as 
>described below.  BIG DEAL is to:
>      Do not take it out until ready to edit.
>      Edit promptly.
>      AND, put it back so others can get in - you can take it out again 
> later if you have more editing to do.

Actually, not quite that. If the electorama wiki works like most, opening 
an edit window does not take the page out. It just opens an edit window 
with a copy of the page. When you save the page, the wiki replaces the 
original page with your page. There is an archive that shows the history of 

One caution: it doesn't hurt to copy your edited page to your clipboard or 
to a file before you try to save it, especially if you've invested 
substantial work in it. I've lost an edit when somebody else saved an edit 
while I still had my own edit open. You may not know until you try to save 
your copy. Also, if your internet connection drops, you also might lose 
your work. If you have it on the clipboard, you can stuff it in a file if 
that happens. The history tab allows comparing any two versions, so you can 
see what changes have been made.

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