[EM] Re: CIBR examples, and its CC failure

Juho Laatu juho4880 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 12 11:51:53 PDT 2005

Hello Ken,

Nice ideas. Correlation seems like a useful tool that could be applied 
also elsewhere than with Borda. It sure is more natural (and wider) 
than the normal clone definitions (unfortunately not as simple but of 
course so are peoples' opinions).

Borda has some problems with strategic voting (e.g. burying the worst 
competitor at the end of the list). But also voting methods that are 
intended for honest men (that you mentioned) are interesting and useful 

Since I mentioned the usefulness of honest men dependent "sincere" 
methods I'll give also one example. Strategic voting related defensive 
requirements could be relaxed when a group of experts vote on what 
shares to buy with their joint money. All want to take the benefit of 
each others' expertise (and have no interest in pushing their own 
(maybe limited) viewpoints through). In this case (more "sincerity 
dependent") voting methods like Borda or sum of ratings may be the best 

On May 31, 2005, at 23:41, Ken Kuhlman wrote:
> To again summarize Saari,
>  this is equivelant to telling a husband and wife team with 
> diametrically
>  opposed views that it's OK if they don't vote, because the election 
> method in
>  use understands that their views cancel eachother out.

Eliminating looped votes (A>B>C, B>C>A, C>A>B) is a very different 
thing (and more problematic) to me than eliminating reverse votes 
(A>B>C, C>B>A).

Best Regards,

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