[EM] two more variations of MMPO

Russ Paielli 6049awj02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Jun 9 20:50:17 PDT 2005

I'd like to throw out a couple more ideas I've had for variations of 
MMPO. I'm not certain, but I think they might retain the key properties 
of MMPO.

Suggestion 1: MMPO top-two pairwise runoff

Find the top two MMPO candidates and select the one who wins the 
pairwise race between them. This method uses no Approval cutoff.

Suggestion 2: MMPO/Approval runoff

This method uses an Approval cutoff and is similar to the one I 
suggested a few days ago but a bit simpler. The Approval winner and the 
MMPO winner have a pairwise runoff to select the final winner.



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