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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 16 19:26:42 PDT 2005

In comparison to Approval, one fault of MMPO is that it doesn't let the 
voter fully vote against all of the unacceptable candidates. So is MMPO as 
good as Approval? Maybe not.

But that can be fixed:

Power Truncation:

If the voter chooses the power truncation option, then any candidate whom 
s/he doesn't rank  will be scored as if that voter has ranked every one of 
the other voters over that candidate.

In other words, that voter is opting to increase the greatest votes-against 
of every candidate whom s/he doesn't rank.

[end of power truncation definition]

With power truncation, MMPO is as good as Approval.

With AERLO and power truncation, MMPO meets SSPCA.

MMPO is probably the only method yet described here that improves on 
Approval, when used AERLO and power truncation.

Or maybe some other methods such as tMMWV could make that claim too, if 
their tie-proneness in public elections isn't a problem.

Mike Ossipoff

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