[EM] James--MMPO & wv strategy wrap-up

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 13 20:48:45 PDT 2005

I'm going to indent this so that it will be clearer. But, because experience 
has shown that e-mail can scramble indentations, I'm going to number and 
letter the subject headings too:

This, like most of what I say about ranking strategy, is about the 
acceptable/unacceptable situation.

It's understood that if AERLO is available, the AERLO line is placed 
directly below the acceptable candidates.

A. For the acceptable candidates:

     1.With MMPO:

          a. Without AERLO:
               Rank the acceptable candidates equally

          b. With AERLO:
               Rank the acceptable candidates sincerely

      2. With wv:

           a. Without AERLO:
                If you're sufficiently sure of the order of the acceptables' 
                their probabilities of being the candidate whom you can help 
beat the
                unacceptable candidates, then rank them in order of their 
                winnability, so as to maximally help the most winnable ones. 
But if you aren't
                reasonably sure about their winnability order, just rank 
them equal.

          b. With AERLO
                Rank the acceptable candidate in order of estimated 
winnability, as described
                above. If you guess wrong, AERLO will automatically try 
equal ranking.

B. For the unacceptable candidates:

Assuming that you aren't doing deterrent truncation, because there's no 
offensive order-reversal threat:

Rank the unacceptables in reverse order of estimated winnability (the most 
winnable ones lowest in the ranking).

Mike Ossipoff

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