[EM] Papers can have the last preference filled

Craig Carey research at ijs.co.nz
Wed May 31 04:24:49 PDT 2000

At 21:06 31.05.00 +1200, Craig Carey wrote:
 >I regard it as a bit of error to send that message to the mailing
 >list. (1) It is private and by its content it seems so and not about

Just to interrupt the quietness of the list, I sent my
"[EM] Papers can have the last preference filled" message, to the list
instead of Mr Catchpole, and I also I had decided to not reply to
Mr Catchpole on the grounds it was not a substantive enough reply.

The reason for that is that I disclosed it by accident.
My apologies to David C.

 >If you are interested in psychology: why do you and all the other readers
 >prove so uncomprehending over the true validity of post-hoc motive
 >ascribing to possibly non-existent voters, a group about which, the method
 >considers nothing of.

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