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Mon Apr 22 00:14:03 PDT 1996

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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 02:05:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joel Boring <dwild at>
To: Multiple recipients of list <list-owners at>
Subject: files sent to lists

I just deleted a 700k mailspool on a list, consisting of several uuencoded
parts sent by a single user.  This list has 70+ subscribers, which would have
resulted in over 60 megabytes of re-sent mail.  This is just one I happened to
catch going through, if this is happenning on a regular basis, no wonder why
we're having so much trouble getting through the mailqueue.  Please let your
list members know that posting files to a list is NOT the reason these lists
are setup, have them put the file up for anonymous FTP and post the location to
the list instead.  This kind of abuse it what's bringing the mail server to
it's knees, I can only hope this was an isolated incident and not common
practice for most lists.

I have placed a 100k limit on messages going to lists, but if people avoid this
by posting multiple-part uuencoded files it totally defeats the purpose.  If I
see mail like this going through a list on a regular basis, and the list owner
fails to unsubscribe the user or put them in their ignored file...the list will
probably end up being de-activated.

Once again, lists are meant for _discussion_, email is not the proper medium
for file transmission.  If a file needs to be sent, use FTP or post to the
appropriate alt.binaries.* newsgroup instead.  Please pass this message on to
your list subscribers, forwarding it back to your list should do the trick.

    Joel Boring aka Derek Wildstar <dwild at>
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