Kevin Hornbuckle kevinh at
Sun Apr 21 10:17:50 PDT 1996

> I move that we now vote on standards by which to judge SW methods,
> for the purpose of ordering the standareds to determine the order in
> which we'll use them to compare & evaluate the proposed methods.

I second the motion.

> Further, I move that we don't accept new definitions of methods
> unless those methods are claimed to be better than already-proposed
> methods.

I second this motion.

> Further, I move that we officially close discussion about the
> definition of Pairwise, the best ways of wording the instructions
> for determining the Smith set, and the various possible ways of
> defining various versions of Condorcet's method (unless someone
> claims that he has a version that's the best SW method to propose
> to the public, according to a standard that he's willing to claim
> is more important than any standard that it conflicts with.


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