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Another FYI
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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 02:05:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joel Boring <dwild at eskimo.com>
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Subject: on a lighter note...

nanook has made some changes to the mail machine toady, which should help many
of the problems we are having with lists.

He raised the priority of the "bulk" mail setting, so it's still less important
than "normal", but more "bulk" messages are being processed vs. "normal"
messages than were before.  He also made the prioirty difference for messages
going out to several users much lower, so having many users on a To: line will
not affect the mail being sent nearly as much.

He changed the configuration of sendmails queueing activity.  It used to queue
all messages if mail's load was over 10, and refuse connections if the load was
over 100.  Now, sendmail will never queue messages unless they are
undeliverable on the first try.

nanook also raied a timeout on sendmail that we beleive was causing the "mailer
error 14" messages.  Since the change, we have noticed this is happening less,
so hopefully this error shouldn't happen as often anymore.

I took a look at the mail queue tonight, over 5000 messages are queued up.
They are being processed now, we hope to have the queue down to a more
reasonable number by the end of this weekend.  Because of the changes made to
the sendmail configuration mentioned above, this queue should not grow to an
undesirable level again.

    Joel Boring aka Derek Wildstar <dwild at eskimo.com>
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