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Rob Lanphier roblan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 14:23:18 PDT 2023

Hi folks,

I wanted to let you all know about a couple of discussion spaces that I've
set up for election nerds to talk to each other.  Or perhaps "talk at each
other".  Hopefully, there will be more questions than answers in each of
these spaces, since the electoral-reform community doesn't have all of the

   - Discord server: <https://electorama.com/discord> - I started this
   several years ago, but haven't broadly announced it.  So (as I write this)
   it's a bit of ghosttown.  Perhaps (as you read this) that will have
   changed.  Find the invite link on this page: <
   https://electorama.com/discord>.  One potentially interesting thing
   you'll find on this server: a RecentChanges bot for electowiki, which is
   handy to have if you're a Discord user already.
   - gather.town server: <https://electorama.com/gather.town> - I started
   this very recently, but I first used gather.town a couple of years ago with
   a different large group of folks.  This is a good place for
   election-methods nerds to start audio or video calls with one another or
   with large groups.  It scales pretty well, since it's very difficult for
   one person to "hog the mic" (so to speak) in a gather.town server.  Folks
   can vote with their feet (so to speak), without losing connection with
   other people in the space.  Many simultaneous conversations can happen
   without disrupting one another.

I bring this up with you all in hopes that one (or more) of you who plan to
attend Dr. Tideman's shindig in Virginia this coming week use one (or more)
of these tools to maintain contact with one another.  I know that having a
place for real-time communication with other people attending a
conference/meeting is important when one is traveling from out of town
(e.g. "where can I find an adapter for my laptop?  anyone???  HALP?!?!?")

I also hope that Electorama/electowiki continues to be the place that y'all
go for neutral-ish ("EPOV") information and discussion about electoral

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