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My web browser doesn't support it. I look forward to reading what you have
so far. The more we can identify what we are trying to do, the better ... a
truly laudable endeavor!

El mar., 1 de mar. de 2022 9:04 a. m., Colin Champion <
colin.champion at routemaster.app> escribió:

> I started drafting a post on this subject, but it got longer and longer
> so I turned it into a web page:
> http://www.masterlyinactivity.com/condorcet/semantics.html
>     Briefly, I argue that discussions of voting methods are only
> meaningful if a semantics can be attached to the correctness of
> electoral decisions; that models (such as jury and spatial models) can
> provide such a semantics, leading to a Bayesian interpretation of
> correctness; that the logical criteria stand or fall according to
> whether they can be validated under a suitable semantics; that some
> stand, some fall, and some are best seen as statistical approximations.
>     The topics I discuss are ones I have not seen addressed elsewhere. I
> have no idea how new my ideas are, or whether, if I was better grounded
> in the field, I'd have been able to discuss the subject with greater
> wisdom.
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