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Tue Mar 1 18:37:36 PST 2022

Hi Forest and Colin,

Forest, does your browser support this link?

Note the difference between "http" (bad old insecure link) and "https"
(secure, encrypted link).  These days, Chrome and other browsers are
starting to require "https", even when you don't care about

Colin: I suppose that's useful for you to know too, since your website
supports "https" links as a replacement for "http" links.



On Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 4:37 PM Forest Simmons
<forest.simmons21 at gmail.com> wrote:
> My web browser doesn't support it. I look forward to reading what you have so far. The more we can identify what we are trying to do, the better ... a truly laudable endeavor!
> El mar., 1 de mar. de 2022 9:04 a. m., Colin Champion <colin.champion at routemaster.app> escribió:
>> I started drafting a post on this subject, but it got longer and longer
>> so I turned it into a web page:
>> http://www.masterlyinactivity.com/condorcet/semantics.html
>>     Briefly, I argue that discussions of voting methods are only
>> meaningful if a semantics can be attached to the correctness of
>> electoral decisions; that models (such as jury and spatial models) can
>> provide such a semantics, leading to a Bayesian interpretation of
>> correctness; that the logical criteria stand or fall according to
>> whether they can be validated under a suitable semantics; that some
>> stand, some fall, and some are best seen as statistical approximations.
>>     The topics I discuss are ones I have not seen addressed elsewhere. I
>> have no idea how new my ideas are, or whether, if I was better grounded
>> in the field, I'd have been able to discuss the subject with greater wisdom.
>> CJC
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