[EM] Honest equal-rank/truncation?

Forest Simmons forest.simmons21 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 21:28:54 PDT 2022

Another interpretation of determinization of random ballot would be to
elect a weighted vote assembly ... possibly as a the beginning of a proxy
scheme ... or simple asset voting, which could preserve clone independence
if done properly.

Other than that, Martin Harperization of  Equal Top Approval would be a
clone proof method preserving the spirit of random favorite.

Your plurality vote goes to the candidate that you ranked equal top having
equal top approval on the most ballots.

It can be thought of as a reasonable DSV Pluralty that satisfies clone
independence and monotonicity, ... because it is an equivalent formulation
of single winner approval ... as Martin Harper pointed out 20 years ago on
this EM list.

El dom., 19 de jun. de 2022 3:48 a. m., Kristofer Munsterhjelm <
km_elmet at t-online.de> escribió:

> On 6/18/22 11:29 PM, Toby Pereira wrote:
> > If you determinize COWPEA it would lose independence of clones (cloned
> > candidates would struggle to get elected), so it could give quite
> > disproportional results because of that. Off the top of my head, not
> > sure about IIB and ULC.
> Yeah, that's a good point. Random Ballot is cloneproof but its
> determinization (Plurality) definitely isn't.
> -km
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