[EM] Honest equal-rank/truncation?

Etjon Basha etjonbasha at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 15:20:15 PDT 2022

Under either of those interpretations of random approval there’s no
incentive to approve of any candidate except your favorite, to the degree
that you can make your favorite out.

But an alternative interpretation - similar to your second but not quite
the same - would be to implement random approval as random ballot, and have
voters add single-name ballots for each candidate they approve of.

The more candidates you approve, the fewer the chances any individual
candidate you approve of is picked, but the higher the chances some
candidate from the set you approve of is. And here’s the strategy: approve
of all candidates for whom this trade-off makes sense.

Of course, this stops making sense once you allow rankings, at which point
we are back to “I can’t make these two out”.
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