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VSE (voter satisfaction efficiency) simulations seem to bear out that STAR
is a significant improvement over plain old Score voting, but not quite as
good as Score restricted to the Smith Set.

So it appears that simple STAR is the low hanging fruit worth some trial
and error tweaking experiments to convert it into the best public proposal.

Some brainstorming is definitely in order. Ted Stern has been working on

Some possible directions:

1. Simplify the description of Score restricted to Smith to be on a par
with the simplest description of STAR

2. Find a better runoff opponent for the score winner.

3. Compare STAR with Score Sorted Margins and Sequential Pairwise
Elimination based on a Score agenda.

Here's one idea:

For each ballot B, and  each candidate X, let B(X) be ballot B's score for
candidate X. Let S(X) be the sum over B of B(X). Then the score winner is
the candidate X that maximizes S(X). Elect the winner of the runoff between
the score winner and the candidate X that on the greatest number of ballots
B, maximizes the product B(X)S(X).

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