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On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 6:49 PM Susan Simmons <suzerainsimmons at outlook.com>

> Also the STAR camp may not be as hardened against suggestions as the
> leading IRV proponents are ... including the suggestion of a Condorcet
> check on the front end.

Certainly. I get good vibes from the STAR team. If you look at their
website, they don't have any unfair attacks against other methods. What
they say about Condorcet and Approval Voting is fair, reasonable, and
honest, and they readily admit that those are good voting methods too. I
mentioned this on Reddit a few days ago and I got a positive response. You
could imagine making a rule like this:

1) If there is a candidate with a majority of first-place votes, elect them.
2) Otherwise, elect the candidate that wins every one-on-one pairwise
contest against every other candidate, if there is one.
3) Otherwise, ... [ STAR ]

Rule (1) is redundant but practically I think it would be easier to
convince someone with it.

> They might even be open to incorporating the use of VPR (Voting for a
> Published Rating)... facilitated replication of the ballot recommendations
> of your favorite candidate, party, or other institution.
> No matter what method is adopted, it should be implemented in a Replicate
> a Published Recommendation Option shell, to simplify the voting process as
> much as possible for Joe Q Public (remember Joe the Plumber?) or Charles L.
> Dodgson' s English Plough Boy.

I have no idea what "Voting for a Published Rating" or "Replicate a
Published Recommendation Option shell" mean.

> Anybody have connections to STAR?

Not really, but one of their members is active on Reddit and seems like a
nice person.

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