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Thu Jul 8 16:49:01 PDT 2021

STAR Voting seems to be simple enough to have a good chance at public acceptance.

I used to turn up my nose at it because the second place Range/Score candidate is likely to be a clone of the ratings winner. In other words, it seemed like an inelegant version of Cardinal Ratings, which seems like a less frugal, cumbersome method for finding the Approval Winner.

But if that's the most appealing public proposal that's strategically equivalent to Approval, I say time to swallow my pride and go for it!

Also the STAR camp may not be as hardened against suggestions as the leading IRV proponents are ... including the suggestion of a Condorcet check on the front end.

They might even be open to incorporating the use of VPR (Voting for a Published Rating)... facilitated replication of the ballot recommendations of your favorite candidate, party, or other institution.

No matter what method is adopted, it should be implemented in a Replicate a Published Recommendation Option shell, to simplify the voting process as much as possible for Joe Q Public (remember Joe the Plumber?) or Charles L. Dodgson' s English Plough Boy.

The RCV camp has already turned up their nose at this suggestion at least once. I would love to see STAR incorporate it to get an innovative advantage.

Anybody have connections to STAR?

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