[EM] Agenda Based Banks

Susan Simmons suzerainsimmons at outlook.com
Sun Aug 1 14:15:00 PDT 2021

First initialize a set named "TheBank" with the most promising agenda item.

Then, as long as even one agenda item is beaten pairwise by every member of TheBank, add the most promising of these to TheBank.

After that, as long as even one agenda item pairwise beats every member ofTheBank, deposit the least promising of these into TheBank.

Finally, elect the member of TheBank that pairwise beats all of its other members.

I believe that this method satisfies mono-raise as long as the agenda does.

If so, then this is the best agenda based method so far, because (1) no other agenda based method is simpler to describe or compute, and (2) it always elects from a proper subclass of Landau called "Banks", without need for any mention of "covering" or for that matter, "Condorcet", "Landau", or "maximal chain".

If this is true, then there is no good excuse for continuing to propose make-shift tweaks of second and third rate election methods. In particular, ignorance and misplaced zeal are not good excuses!

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