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Tue May 21 12:43:24 PDT 2019

On 5/20/2019 12:46 PM, steve bosworth wrote:
> Re: Best Single- Winner Method
> Firstly, please correct me if I am mistaken but currently I am assuming
> that  we all would ideally want the Best Single-Winner Method:
>  1. To be simple enough so voters  can both use it and understand how it
>     is counted;
>  2. To minimize the wasting of citizens’ votes (see below),  and
>  3. To guarantee that the winner among 3 or more candidates is the
>     candidate most supported by at least 50% plus one (an absolute
>     majority) of all the citizens voting, and
>  4. To offer as few incentives and possibilities for voting tactical.

I suggest that Instant Pairwise Elimination provides a great balance 
among these requirements.

1: It's simple to use, and simple to understand how to count.

2: Rarely could a voter identify a situation where their vote was wasted.

3: It's not a Condorcet method, yet it would be very rare for it to 
elect a non-Condorcet winner.

4: Tactical voting is possible, but only when a rock-paper-scissors 
cycle is involved AND involves the most popular candidates.

As a reminder of Instant Pairwise Elimination, it's described here:


Richard Fobes

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