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Richard Lung voting at ukscientists.com
Tue May 21 16:45:21 PDT 2019

By the way, folks, I think single vacancies are over-rated. They are a 
hang-over of monarchism and have the standard defects of monopolies, in 
this case on representation.
Barack Obama advised the President Elect that you cannot do everything 
on your own. It is noticable that in a war emergency, the first thing 
the leader does is surround himself with a cabinet of five.
Probably the President should just be the first among equals in a five 
member council proportionally representing all four corners of the Republic.
The scientific success is thru informing discussion arriving at a 
consensus, which is also the truly democratic way. Not dictatorial 
ignorance of everyone elses contribution, encouraged by monopolistic 
single vacancies.
Richard Lung.

On 21/05/2019 20:43, VoteFair wrote:
> On 5/20/2019 12:46 PM, steve bosworth wrote:
>> Re: Best Single- Winner Method
>> ...
>> Firstly, please correct me if I am mistaken but currently I am assuming
>> that  we all would ideally want the Best Single-Winner Method:
>>  1. To be simple enough so voters  can both use it and understand how it
>>     is counted;
>>  2. To minimize the wasting of citizens’ votes (see below),  and
>>  3. To guarantee that the winner among 3 or more candidates is the
>>     candidate most supported by at least 50% plus one (an absolute
>>     majority) of all the citizens voting, and
>>  4. To offer as few incentives and possibilities for voting tactical.
> I suggest that Instant Pairwise Elimination provides a great balance 
> among these requirements.
> 1: It's simple to use, and simple to understand how to count.
> 2: Rarely could a voter identify a situation where their vote was wasted.
> 3: It's not a Condorcet method, yet it would be very rare for it to 
> elect a non-Condorcet winner.
> 4: Tactical voting is possible, but only when a rock-paper-scissors 
> cycle is involved AND involves the most popular candidates.
> As a reminder of Instant Pairwise Elimination, it's described here:
> https://democracychronicles.org/instant-pairwise-elimination/
> Richard Fobes
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