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--------------------------------------------------------------------------Sennet Williams,  Forest Simmons, Robert Bristow-Johnson, Abd dul Raman Lomax, and Chris Benham have recently addressed each others’ claims about IRV, 3-slot Methods, IBIFA, and Asset.  This discussion prompts me to request some help later after I have clarified several issues. Firstly, please correct me if I am mistaken but currently I am assuming that  we all would ideally want the Best Single-Winner
			To be simple enough so voters  can both use it and understand how it is counted;
			To minimize the wasting of citizens’ votes (see below),  and
			To guarantee that the winner among 3 or more candidates is the candidate most supported by at least 50% plus one (an absolute majority) of all the citizens voting, and
			To offer as few incentives and possibilities for voting tactical.

1. Is this simple enough? :  Two principles: 

a) One-person-one-vote.  If I really really like my candidate more than your candidate and you only like your candidate a little more than you like my candidate, your vote for your candidate counts no less (nor more) than my vote for my candidate.

b) Majority rule.  If more voters express on their ballots that they prefer Candidate A over Candidate B than the number of voters marking their ballots to the contrary, then Candidate B is not elected.
2. Agree.  This is why we need Ranked-Choice Voting (but not necessarily
3. That's an impossible outcome to guarantee in a 3+ way race.
4. Agree.  This is why I am opposed to FPTP or IRV (unless it's IRV-BTR) or Score Voting or Approval Voting for governmental elections.


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