[EM] The Problem with Score Voting and Approval Voting

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Subject: Re: [EM] The Problem with Score Voting and Approval Voting

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Date: Sun, June 23, 2019 7:26 am

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> I agree with all this.

> It was said long ago, with regard to many votes per seats and cumulative

> voting, as by Enid Lakeman: Multiple votes count against each other.

> Single transferable voting is the way to go.
Richard, do you mean specifically "[IRV] is the way to go" or that the use of the ordinal ranked-ballot is the way to go?

Single transferable vote [STV] means "IRV" to me and at one time I thought it would make little difference in outcome in comparison to Condorcet.  But 10 years ago, in my very own town, I found out differently.


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